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21st Sep 2016

TH9 is amazing! Many people say that the game begins at TH9 and I see why they say that. So many new options open up and you FINALLY get the best toy in the game, the Archer Queen. That said, TH9 is all about that Queen. Every raid, every troop upgrade, every lab upgrade should be made with her in mind. Your only thought is to feed her as much dark elixir as possible as fast as possible. You will quickly get troops upgraded in the lab, but will still be unable to three star most bases until your queen is at least level 15.

For me, this meant that I started by spending my bank of elixir on upgrading my DE drills, even before I upgraded my army camps. I did not intend to war right away, so that was acceptable. For you, it may not be, but should be as soon as possible. I knew that I could raid successfully without upgrading my raiding troops, so I focused on war troops, especially ones that could be used in multiple attack styles, like healers and archers. Healers were first because I wanted to be able to Queenwalk as soon as possible. I think that was a bit early, you can't really queenwalk these days until your queen is around level 15. The new X Bows just push too much damage for her if she is lower than that.

Base design is incredibly important now. Here is the link to the base design thread:   http://www.angermanagemnt.com/ ... opic/base-design-flr

I will add more to this as time goes on. Please respond with your own thoughts and experiences.

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19th Aug 2017

At what point do you recommend getting x bows? Do I get them as soon as possible or do I wait on those?
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