Planning TH9 attacks
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27th Jun 2017

TH9 attacks are very different from everything that you have done before. You need to do a few things to succeed. 

1.  Have a plan to kill the AQ
2.  Have a plan to kill the CC
3.  How will you kill the rest of the base and what is the primary threat to your troops (e.g. hogs vs GBs, air vs ADs). How will you deal with that threat.
4.  What will be your cleanup plan? Many, many raids fail at this level due to time. It is normally a good idea to save troops to the end for cleanup.

TH9 is the end of the YOLO attack. It is very difficult at this level to succeed without a significant plan that considers each of these points.

Forum » Town Hall Upgrades » Town Hall 9
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