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23rd Mar 2017

Notes from JakeTheRake Base Building ... atch?v=_2DCgFOH1dY

- WT's and AT's away from AD range
- Canons and mortars near AD
- Place splash (BT, WT) near AQ to prevent skele spell 
- Bomb tower between AQ and CC
- BK opposite side of AQ
- 9 x 5 defenses toward outside, 9 x 9 (tesla inside) inside

- 3 red bombs will take out pack of loons
- Red bombs away from AD
- Giant Bombs toward outside of base as much as possible
- small bombs outside for WB fail, preferably 3 spaces away from wall
- Black mines go on AD - 2 will take out hound, typically mines are not touching
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24th Mar 2017

I think these are good tricks to know. The 3 space bomb idea is best for attackers that use test wallbreakers (CWL level players). For us, I would keep to two spaces as our attackers normally do not bother with tests. As with every base building concept, they are good general rules that should not be broken unless you understand what it does and why you are breaking it (such as centered, unlureable CC).
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