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Welcome to TH8! Now what do you do?

Town Hall 8 is a lot of fun. There are many new troops, defenses and new dark spells to experiment with. If you remember from TH6 and TH7, the first thing to focus on upgrading is the new game changing offensive capability. At TH6 that was healing spells and healers. At TH7 it was dragons and getting that third spell slot. Now, at TH8, it is the dark spell factory.
You should plan to opt out of war for at least two weeks, during which you will keep your builders very busy and you will need to raid A LOT. The upgrades that you need to do are expensive.  Every time a builder comes available, spend every penny that you have. Budget for your upgrade, and then spend the rest on walls. Many of the important upgrades are elixir based, so you can keep working on the walls at the same time.

Your goals over those two weeks are:
• Upgrade Laboratory and get it working on troop upgrades (more on that later)
• Upgrade Dark Spell Factory, this way it is done and you will not have to take another break later to upgrade it. Besides, you will want the earthquake spell right away.
• Upgrade your Barbarian King as much as possible. You should be able to get him to Level 7 over this break.
• Upgrade your new walls to TH7 level. Make sure all new walls are level 7 before starting on upgrading any walls to level 8.
• Dark Elixir Drill – build and upgrade the second one when you can

There are several other new toys that you can drop as you get the loot and available builders to do so. Use these to spend loot and to correct your builders’ schedules. Traps are instant or quick, but the defenses will help with time.
• 2 x Skeleton Traps (keep these set to ground)
• Air bombs, spring traps, giant bomb
• Defenses (Wiz Tower, AD, Mortar, AT)

That seems like a lot in a short period and that is not even everything that you could do. So what is unimportant and should wait until later? These things can wait until after the break:
  • Dark Barracks – you have no need for a second one right away
  • New storages – you will be broke most of the time and your old storages will be enough during this time.
  • Upgrading existing defenses – these upgrades consume too much builder time and loot. They have to wait.
  • Stay away from all splash damage upgrades like mortars and wizard towers. They add A LOT to your war weight without really improving your defense to compensate for that weight.

Choosing a specialty: Unlike TH7 which was all about dragons and only dragons, at TH8 there are many ways to attack and many different troops to use. You cannot upgrade them all right away, so you will need to pick one attack style and upgrade just the things needed for that. Later, you can go back and add other styles and their associated troops and spells. Most people will stay with dragons because they understand them and see that they are very powerful. Others start out with hogs. These are the two best choices. Most other options will require you to upgrade your existing dark barracks so that you have golems and upgrading your existing barracks so that you have PEKKA. This will add additional time to your break and should not be a primary choice without talking to clan leadership first. Do not be tempted to upgrade farming troops yet. Remember, you are already a good farmer and they can wait.

If you choose to follow the Dragon path:
• Dragon to Level 3 is the priority
• Lightning to Level 5 (you must have level 5 to zap-quake level 6 Air Defenses)
• Earthquake is absolutely necessary. Make sure that you upgrade your Dark Spell Factory.
• Loons to Level 5

If you choose the Hog path
• Upgrade Dark Elixir Storage to Level 3 - This is necessary to hold the 30k needed for level 3 hogs
• Hogs to level 3 and start on level 4 as soon as possible
• Heal spells to level 5
• It is also helpful to raise wizards to level 5. They are best for cc kills and cleanup.
Once you complete one of these paths, you can move on to the next. Other paths include:

GOVAHO (Golems, valks, hogs) assuming hog path is complete
• Golem
• Valkyries
• Earthquake
• Wallbreakers

HOLO (Hogs and loons) assuming hog path is complete
• Balloons
• Rage spell

GOWIPE (Golems, wizards, PEKKA)
• Golems
• Wizards
• Rage spell
• Wallbreakers

The possibilities are endless. TH8 will be a lot of fun, but requires planning and decision making. Up to this point, upgrades were quick and cheap. Now, an upgrade is a major investment and commitment of time. Never do a different upgrade than the one that you need just because you are short a little elixir. It is much better to raid for another day and start the upgrade when you can.
If you have questions, ask in chat or here on the Forum. Have Fun!

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